Bid Opportunities

The City’s current bid opportunities, including all bid documents, questions, and answers, addenda, and final results, are available here or the State of Georgia’s Procurement Registry at

The City of Clayton seeks to obtain products and services required by the City at the best value. To accomplish this goal, competitive bids and proposals are solicited from vendors on an as-needed basis. Under the City's purchasing policy, all purchases or contracts estimated to be over $25,000 are required to use the formal bid process. Formal bid procedures require that:

  • Notices inviting bids describe the bid items in general terms, reference how to obtain more detailed information about the bid items, and state the date, time and place for submission of sealed bids;
  • Sealed bids be submitted to the City Clerk;
  • Bids be opened publicly at the time and place stated in the notice inviting bids; and
  • Contracts be awarded to the most responsible bidder.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the City Clerk at (706) 960-9626 or [email protected].

Pending Review/Award: