Garbage Collection

Residential Garbage Collection

The City of Clayton contracts with Central Waste for Residential garbage collection only within City Limits. The cost for this service is billed monthly along with your Water and Sewer bill (if applicable). Rabun County offers residential recycling drop-off at several locations. For more information on Rabun County's program visit:
Rabun County Recycle & Solid Waste

Contact Central Waste at (706) 778-2243 or email [email protected].

Contact the Utility Billing at (706) 782-4512, press option #1, or email [email protected].

Collection Guidelines for Garbage Carts

✅ Place your garbage cart curbside for collection on Thursdays by 6 AM. Remove your garbage cart from the curb between collection days.

✅ Bag your garbage. All household waste should be securely tied in bags when placed inside your garbage cart. Pet waste and cat litter should be double-bagged.

✅ Your garbage cart is for regular household garbage only.

✅ Cart lids should be completely closed when setting carts out for collection.

❌ Do NOT overfill or overload your garbage cart. Trash volumes should NOT exceed the height of the Maximum Fill Line (top rim) of your cart. Do NOT pile bags of trash on top of or around the cart.

❌ Do NOT place unacceptable items in your garbage cart, such as yard waste, recyclables, bulk items, electronics, appliances, hazardous waste, dead animals, hot ashes, or flammable liquids.

✅ Set your garbage cart curbside for collection near the edge of the street with the front of the cart facing the street. Garbage carts should never be placed in the street, block the driveway of your neighbors, or interfere with the path of vehicles.

✅ Take care of your cart by periodically washing it with soap and water, or bleach when needed for bug infested carts. If your cart is damaged or in need of repair, contact Central Waste at (706) 778-2243.

Garbage Maximum Fill Line TR Graphic
Garbage Container Right and Wrong Graphic

Pickup Guidelines:

  • Pickup Day is Thursday.
  • Trash must be out by 6:00 am of pickup day.
  • Trash must be bagged and placed in a Contractor-issued cart.
  • Trash bags must weigh under 50 pounds per bag.
  • All cardboard boxes must be broken down.
  • Additional trash outside the container will be picked up on occasion, however if it is recurring weekly, it will not be picked up. An additional container can be provided upon request.
  • Routes will run behind schedule during holiday weeks, trash should be put out on regular schedule to ensure pickup.
  • The following items are not accepted:
    Auto parts, metals, bricks, rocks, concrete, dirt, limbs, yard debris, wood, sheetrock, construction debris, motor oil, furniture, tires, antifreeze, pesticides, shingles, batteries, and liquid paint.
  • Paint can be picked up if dried out by using dirt, sand, sawdust, or cat litter.

Holiday Schedule

Central Waste recognizes the following holidays for its employees:
New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Should the holiday fall on a normal pick up day shown above, Central Waste will pick up on the following business day. For example, Thanksgiving Day falls on a Thursday, so residential garbage will be collected the Friday after Thanksgiving.